Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tips for summer living on a dime

Since the weather is nice, and school is out now is as good a time as ever to give some ideas for frugal summer events and activities.  Here are some things that I like to do. 

Host a neighborhood crop swap - when fruits and vegetables are ready to be eaten, host a swap party!  If you have tons of cucumbers and you neighbor has tons of tomatoes it can be a win/win for all!  Do this for herbs, vege's and more!

Wanting to have a cheap get together?  Host a clothing exchange.  If your friends are all different sizes than consider exchanging shoes, jewelry, household items, books etc.  The list is endless.  Everyone can bring over a finger food to share and leave with new items, the unwanted items can be donated!

Attend a little league game.  In my small and quaint town there are always summer baseball games going on, you can take a picnic basket or indulge in a hotdog and soda.  The games cost nothing to attend, and if you have small children, they will enjoy watching and dreaming of a day when it is their turn to play.   Not to mention, with any luck they will be tired and go to bed with no trouble.  :)

Explore your local library.  Libraries are a wonderful source of information, adventure, and knowledge.  The often have summer reading programs with prizes and other incentives to encourage young and old alike.

Call you local mueseums and art galleries to see if they offer a free day during the summer.  Often times they do!  Same goes for the zoo - although I hate zoo's but that is a different topic.  :)

Attend community plays, or outdoor choir concerts. 

Volunteer!  Pick a project for the summer that pulls at your heart strings and give it a go!

There are many more ideas out there I am sure!  Please share, always looking for new things to do!

Happy Summer!


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