Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Lonesome Follower...I almost slipped.

UGH!  If you are like me and millions of other Americans you likely take part in cultural phenomenon known as "retail therapy".  Well, lonesome follower, I almost gave in to it - Almost! 

As I was driving by the mall on my way home from a rather crappy day at work, and secretly trying to justify the reason I needed a new pair of pants I started wondering, when did I become comfortable with stifling my emotions with unnecessary purchases?  That pair of pants or new lipgloss is not going to take away my disapointment, or make my problems go away.  In fact it will add to my problems when I have no money to buy something I really need.  Then I also realized that I was craving pasta - my go to stress reducer, after all I had been stressed so I deserved to eat unhealthy and fatty food, right?  Which oddly enough would only add to my problems and my waistline. :)

I in fact did not purchase the new pants and I kept driving home.  And guess what?  I feel a litter stronger that I did not give into the cultures crazy habit, and unwarranted spending.  In addition to that I can now say that I have made it 24 hours without spending a dime, who knew it would be so hard.

In other cultures even here in the US stress, dissapointment and other emotions are actually dealt with in healthy manners by talking about it, and delving into the true cause instead of trying to spend money to cover it up.  That is my lesson, once again to myself that buying things will not make me feel better, will not cover up my emotions, and will not insure that I never feel this way again.  This is life and I am learning a little bit at a time.  Its a struggle some days...:)

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