Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never pay someone to do something you could do yourself...

This phrase hit a chord with me today as I was driving away from the oil and lube store. I paid 25 dollars to have someone else change my oil, while in this case it was necessary due to time constraints and other errands needing to done, I cannot think of a good reason to not learn how to do this small task myself.

I rely on my husband for "manly" tasks such as this but for some reason my car is harder to change because it sits lower to the ground than most vehicles. I have decided I am learning to do this. It is not going to be pretty, and I will probably want to pull my hair out but I am going to do it! Plus, this could add up to extra income down the road for neighbors, friends and family. :) I like extra income.

Now, I am going to taking this one step further. I have recently been making my own bread for 2 reasons. 1) I recently became a Vegan and 2) Its cheaper, with no preservatives and I know exactly what is going in it! both good reasons in my book.

So, if I can make my own bread...why can't I make my own pitas, refried beans and fruit cups? - I have a great recipe for fruit cups! -

I am lucky to have a friend who just moved here from Mexico and she has shared with me how to make my own refried beans. Crock pot anyone? :) Its very easy, VERY cheap considering you can buy a bag of beans for 1.00 or a one time use can for 1.50 in my area. All you have to do is this...Buy whatever beans you want in a bag. I normally buy black or kidney. Then, add the amount you wish to make to a large crock pot then add double the amount of water. Set to low and let cook for 8 hours, checking occasionally to see if additional water is needed. Add desired salt half way through cooking. Super easy, super yummy, super CHEAP!

Pita's are going to be a wee bit more difficult to make, considering I will need it be vegan pita's. I will keep you posted on the progress.

I also loves to make my own dog toys. With a Boxer and a German Shepherd I go through alot of dog toys. I buy fleece on the discount rack because believe it or not, my dogs do not care if the toys match. :) I cut, and braid, tie in tennis balls and TADA! A new dog toy.

As far as my readers, does anyone have ideas on things we can do ourselves or make ourselves?

Happy chores!

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