Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walking, Shedding pounds and Making Money

I know for most of us walking in the winter is not something we want to do. It gets dark earlier, its cold and who are we kidding, we just dont want to after working all day. Well, I like most of us do not want to pay a gym membership that are increasingly on the rise.
I have devised a plan! I invested in a pair of warm pants, and some sweatshirts and got walking!
While walking. Over a years time I could be gaining over 500 bucks. one day, I realized that they were a TON of cans on the side of the road both in the city and country. I started picking them up and after two weeks I took them in and got 26 dollars! Now, I will not be walking everyday, but knowing that I am making money and have lost a few pounds really motivates me!
I have also picked up a bunch of change, totaling just under 5 bucks. Not bad at all. What are you ways of saving money and living better?
Happy Walking.