Friday, June 24, 2011

5 things to do with an old T-shirt and Day 1 of the Wear All Challenge

I know I know, this post sounds so exciting! :)  Well your right it is!  I am in the process of going through ALL my clothes, pajamas, socks, work clothes, play clothes.  You name it, and I have tried it on and sorted it in the last 24 hours.  After several hours of sorted my clothes I realized I have way to many for one, and for two that some of them were worn past the point of use.  So that gave me an idea.  How can I reuse these old T-Shirts for a different purpose?

This is what I came up with :
1) Packing material - this is probably the least glamorous of my ideas, but give it chance!  If you live far away from family like me and need to ship gifts home, cut up a bunch of different colored shirts and use it as cushion for the breakables.  And as added bonus is that it will slightly speed up the decomposition process.

2) Dust rag or Car wash rag.  Who needs to spend money on those fancy schmancy official dust rag and car wash mitts when you have a perfectly nice holey T-shirt that is dyeing to be all sudsy and put to use again?  Not me.

3) Grocery bag.  This will take a little elbow grease and some imagination but I know you can do it!  And I apologize I have misplaced my camera, but I will take pics and post especially this one to give you some motivation.  Lay the shirt on table or flat surface and cut off the sleeves, then turn inside out and sew the bottom together.  Than fold down a seem in the arm holes and do the same.  Then turn it right side out and look what you have created.  The arm holes act like handles and the neck hole is the place to put the food.  Many grocery stores give discount for bags, so put the old shirts to use!

4) Arts and Crafts for children.  Give them some child safe scissors, glue and glitter and let htem create a masterpiece, or pajamas.  :)

5) Use as added insulation during colder months.  I have done the for years - and I'm sure others do as well.  Take an old shirt - wad it up and put it in between the screen and glass for an extra layer of protection. 

Also, while going through my clothes I noticed many things that still has tags on.  While I purchased these with the best of intentions I have never been able to wear them.  That brought me to my next challenge...Are you ready?  I am calling it the "Wear All Challenge".  I am going to see what I can wear in a months time.  If I don't wear it, it is immediately going into the garage sale or donate bin.  There are a few things I will wear many times, for example I only own 7 pairs of dress pant, so the shirts are really what I am concentrating on with this challenge.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  Anyone want to join my challenge?

Happy Weekend!

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