Friday, June 17, 2011

Day four of the Financial Fast

Alas, it is Friday!  Thank goodness!  My husband was lucky enough to have a half day off of work today so we went for a walk with the boys - our two dogs.  A 1 year old brindle boxer, and a 2.5 year old German Shepherd/Dane mix.  It is very warm here today, about 85 so we decided to take the dogs to their favorite place on earth....the pond a block away from our house.  Unleash the boys and let 'em run!  They love bouncing around and playing in the water.  It is a nice way to get a little exercise in for the adults while not over extending ourselves in the heat.

My husband and I both had lunch supplied by work today so that was a wonderful surprise and no money needed! :)

I did have to go to the store today and buy a new collar for my boxer, his - after 2 years of use on my other dog finally broke.  In my opinion going without a collar and tag identification is just not an option.  If I lose my babies, I want someone to be able to find their home.  So, I bought the cheapest cute one.  I spent $5.88.  Because I have not set up a fun money section in the budget I will be taking this out of our grocery fund.

Lucky for us, when it gets warmer out we do not feel like eating a whole bunch, so I think I will be able to swing it this week.

Stay tuned!!  Tomorrow I will be posting my weekly grocery list, complete with coupons used and stores shopped.  I will also include the recipes I will be making in case you have any interest.  Keep in mind I will only spend $50.00, and I am only feeding 2 people - although those 2 people eat completely different.  I think I have found some good deals this week so this should be a great week! 

I will also be posting an update on what we have contributed to the Car loan.  Only 5 months and 2 weeks to have half of it paid off!  We can do it!

Stay cool and happy savings!

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